Steph (thatjazz) wrote in costumes,

Need something to put a smooth coat over plastic?

I have this silly football hat I bought at a craft store, made of really cheap vacuformed plastic. (It is this one:

I'm making it into a viking helmet, for Maude's "Gutterballs" costume in The Big Lebowski. (

It's the PERFECT shape, but it has that football "texture". Once I have it trimmed to shape, I'm looking for something to pour or brush over it that will fill the pits to smooth out the texture (and maybe give it a little more rigidity). Does anyone have any thoughts?

I also considered giving it a craft foam "skin". On the film used helmet, there is a big seam down the middle of the helmet that is covered with a riveted trim, so I could seam the craft foam there. But I don't know how I would shape the craft foam because the football hat is REALLY thin, flimsy plastic and I'd just end up melting it with the heat from the heat gun.
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