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costumes's Journal

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Costuming tips and resources
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This community was created to share tips, resources, and advice on everything related to costuming. Project updates, photos, and instructions are encouraged! This is a place to brag.

Any post relating to costuming, sewing, prop-making, or other such topics is ok. This includes posts of items to sell, links to ebay items, requests for sewing services, costuming-related website plugs, etc. It is considered a courtesy to hide images wider than 500 pixels or a large group of images behind a cut.

The moderation style of this community is in general pretty laid-back. You shouldn't get crap if your post is in good faith and about clothes, costuming, sewing, or other things of interest to DIY-fashion types. However, non-costuming spam or other inappropriate comments will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned. But let's hope that doesn't happen often.

To discourage the recent influx of spam, you must join the community to post or comment. Memberships are moderated--you will be allowed to join as long as you don't look like a spambot, and your membership should be approved as soon as I see the email, usually within an hour or two, or at most a day.

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